Hopfest Info

Food & Drink

In common with the general rule at public festivals and events you are permitted sealed soft drinks and a refillable bottle for water, but alcohol is definitely not permitted on to the site. The bar is reasonably priced to reflect this and has a broad selection of local beers, ciders and other refreshments, soft drinks and wine. With food, you can bring stuff that will fit in your bag, but picnic baskets etc. are not permitted into the festival and our long standing caterers ensure that they offer a range of food including kids portions and reasonably priced options.


Please remember that we use colour coded wristbands and will not be sending out tickets. The wristbands will be put on you at the gate, please bring a form of identification or either an electronic copy of your ticket receipt or a printed copy to ensure smooth entry. Failing that identification such as driving licence. If you do not have access to any of these please let us know in advance by emailing