Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions or for ticketed and none ticked events held and attend at Hopleys Family Camping, The Rustic Kitchen or Hopfest. Here known after as The EventHolder/s.

Tickets, Times, Refunds and Cancellation

  • In these terms and conditions, we will refer to whom purchases the ‘tickets’     as ‘You’.
  • ‘Ticket’     in these terms and condition, is a term used for a ‘place/ participation/ entry’     purchased at one of The Event Holder/s, events.
  • Only     customers holding a valid ticket will be admitted to the event. There are     a limited number of tickets (and different types of Tickets) available for     each Event, and therefore purchase of Tickets is strictly subject to     availability.
  • You     must retain this ticket or wristband on your person at all times during     the event.
  • For     wristband for 18 and over, you will need proof of identification. This     band will not be accepted as proof of identification for purchase of     alcohol on site.
  • We sell none refundable, reusable cups. You     are welcome to bring your own however it must be mark with government     standard ‘CE Marked’.
  • Upon     purchase, please check tickets carefully as mistakes cannot always be     rectified after purchase.
  • Tickets are none refundable. In extenuating     circumstances your case may be reviewed The Event Holder’s management     team.
  • Price     and availability information is subject to change without notice.
  • Ownership     or possession of a ticket does not confer any rights (by implication or     otherwise) on you to use, alter, copy, or otherwise deal with any of the     symbols, trademarks, logos and/or intellectual property appearing on or in     the ticket.
  • Tickets     are sold subject to The Event Holder/s right/s to alter or vary the     published event programme which may result in changes to the performance     line-up, playing times or any other aspect of the event. The Event     Holder/s reserves all rights in this regard. Any published start and     finish times of a performance at the Event are estimates only and are     subject to change
  • Refunds     should be obtained from the point of purchase, no later than 3 months     after the event.
  • In     the event a ticket is refunded, all personal arrangements including     travel, subsistence and accommodation in relation to the Event which have     been arranged by you are made at your own risk and The Event Holder/s will     have any liability for any such loss of enjoyment or wasted expenditure in     addition to refunding the face value of the Ticket.
  • Tickets     are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Tickets     bought from unauthorised agents are not valid and admission will not be     granted to the event with any ticket bought from unauthorised agents.
  • Occasionally,     events are cancelled or postponed by The Event Holder/s, team, performer     or site for a variety of reasons. If the event is cancelled, please     contact us for information on receiving a refund from the responsible     party. If the event was moved or rescheduled, the site or The Event     Holder/s may set refund limitations. It is your responsibility to     ascertain the date and time of any rearranged event.
  • We     reserve the right to cancel any ticket booking which we reasonably believe     to have been made with a view to resell such tickets or where the ticket     has been purchased using fraudulent means, such as credit card fraud.

·      Wereserve the right to refuse entry to late arrivals.

  • Tickets     may be restricted to a maximum number per person, per credit card or per     household.

The Event

  • Well behaved dogs are welcome however they     must be kept on leads at all time and cleaned up immediately.
  • The     Event Holder/s reserves the right to refuse you entry to and/or eject You     from the Event. In particular but without limitation for:

-     Healthand safety or licensing reasons.

-     ifyou behave in a manner which has or is likely to affect the enjoyment of otherpersons at the event.

-     ifYou use threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms, if The EventHolder/s reasonable opinion, you are acting under the influence of alcohol ordrugs.

-     Youfail, when required, to produce proof of identity or age.

-     Yourefuse to comply with The Event Holder/s security searches.

-     Youbreach these terms.

-     Yourticket is void.

  • If     before or during the event you have a complaint in relation to the event     including without limitation in relation to your ability to view the event,     please go to the main gate or bar for more information.
  • Warning - Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause     damage to your hearing. Please be aware that strobe lighting may be used     during certain events.
  • The     events operate licensed bars and you need to be over the age of 18 to     purchase alcohol at the events. Please be aware that if we think that you     look 25 years or younger you may be asked to provide proof of     identification and if you are unable to do so you will not be served     alcohol.

-     Validproof of age:

-     CurrentPassport

-     CurrentUK Driver’s License or Provisional License

  • By     attending the event, you give your express consent to your actual or     simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio     and/or audio-visual recording to be exploited in any and all media for any     purpose at any time throughout the world. The copyright to which shall be     owned by The Event Holder/s or its contractors without payment or     compensation. If you attend an event with a child aged under 18 years you     give the foregoing Your express consent on their behalf. This includes     filming by the police or security staff that may be carried out for the     security of customers.
  • Due     to legal artist performance rights and royalty obligations, you cannot     bring any video or audio recording equipment or any camera which is over     35mm or with a detachable lens onto the site.
  • You     shall not bring all or any of the following into the site: fireworks,     laser pens, laser equipment, animals (except dogs), your own food and     drink, bottles, cans or glass containers, or any item which The Event     Holder/s considers could be used as a weapon including but without     limitation to sharp or pointed objects such as knives, items with an open     flame e.g., candles, barbeques gas/paraffin lamps, sky lanterns, gas fires     etc.
  • You     must comply with any and all instructions given to you by The Event     Holder/s and/or all site stewards and staff at the event.
  • All     guests are asked to observe and comply with safety advice, site signage     and ‘No Smoking’ areas. Normal statutory rules and regulations apply and should     be observed at the event and failure to do so may result in removal from     the event.
  • You     shall not bring into the site or display or distribute at the event any     sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials.
  • Anti-social     behaviour and illegal activities, including use, supply and possession of     illegal substances will not be tolerated and you will be ejected from the site     or event without refund.
  • To     the extent permitted by law and with your consent, personal information     provided by you to The Event Holder/s will be used for all purposes     reasonably connected with the operations of the Event and The Event     Holder/s including but not limited to: providing You with details of     forthcoming connected events, offers and services, providing you with     updates as to the latest concessions or any changes thereto and     information concerning competitions and other promotional activity. The     Event Holder/s will not use or disclose your personal information without your     prior consent.
  • Certain     advertised activities are not included in the price of your ticket, and     are subject to an additional fee being payable.
  • Any     person, The Event Holder/s who is not a party to these Terms and     Conditions shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third     Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions.



·      Youagree that The Event Holder/s will not be liable for any loss, injury or damageto any person including yourself or property however caused including by TheEvent Holder/s;

-     Inany circumstances unless due to the negligence of The Event Holder/s.

-     Incircumstances where such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable resultof any such breach, death or personal injury due to the negligence of The EventHolder/s.

-     Tothe extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from the breach by youof any of these Terms and Conditions.

·      Youagree that The Event Holder/s will not be liable for including, withoutlimitation, an act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts ofterrorism, fire, explosion, flood, royal mourning, national mourning, theft ofessential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third partyinjunction, national defence requirements and/or acts or regulations ofnational or local governments.

·      Youagree that The Event Holder/s shall not be liable to you for any indirect orconsequential costs, claims, actual or alleged losses howsoever arising out ofor in connection with the event and/or our obligations hereunder including, butnot limited to, loss of profits, anticipated profits, savings, business oropportunity, or loss of publicity or loss of reputation, or opportunity toenhance reputation, or loss of contract or other economic or consequential lossarising from the performance (or any failure to perform) these Terms andConditions.


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